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Merton Home Tutoring Service is for adults who want to learn English and volunteer tutors who want to teach it. Our service is specifically for people who cannot get to classes for various reasons.

By providing people with the chance to learn English, Merton Home Tutoring Service hopes to enable them to communicate fully with others and to encourage their participation in local and national activities.

It is hoped that, after a time, most learners will be able to go to formal classes of English language in a college, where they will be able to follow a course leading to qualifications.

One to one lessons in the home from a friendly tutor or in small classes mean that people gain self confidence in the English for every day life in England. Learners usually want to communicate better with teachers, doctors, health visitors and others. They may want social English, so they can chat to neighbours or make new friends from different communities. They may want to gain confidence after a period at home, aim for employment or a qualification. Tutors with their local knowledge can signpost the way to information and to formal education. With improved English, learners can go on to discover information for themselves, access services independently and meet people from different communities. All want to support themselves and their families. They become more able to help themselves and their families understand, adapt and participate in life in the UK. English is the key to that participation. One-to-one or small class teaching mean that individual needs and wishes of learners can be addressed, and specialised classes developed.

Developments in 2017

Now that MHTS is on a stronger financial base for the next two years, the Trustees are developing an expanding programme for this year and beyond.

Our Annual General Meeting was held on 5th November 2016 in Mitcham. You can read our Annual Report here. Read more on the Events page.

Pam Treanor, Merton Home Tutoring Service
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