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Since 2009, we have been providing free English lessons to adults living in and around the London borough of Merton in their own homes or in small classes which follow the ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) curriculum. We are a small independent charity.

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Merton Home Tutoring Service For Learners English At Home

English At Home

English 1 to 1

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Merton Home Tutoring Service For Learners English In Classes

English In Classes

Small, informal classes

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Merton Home Tutoring Service For Learners English Conversation Social English Practice

English Conversation

Social English practice

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Merton Home Tutoring Service Tutors Teaching English As A Volunteer

Teach English as a Volunteer

1 to 1 / in classes

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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

We offer free English lessons in and around Merton for people who are not able to get to formal college classes, because of cost, family situation or disability and who may become isolated at home.

Learners can have lessons in their own homes or in small, informal classes. Our friendly volunteer tutors help learners with everyday English to give them confidence and enable them to help themselves and their families understand and participate in local and national life in the UK. Learning English is the key.

Every year, we teach around 100 adults in classes or at home. Our learners come from a wide range of countries, from Asia and Africa to South America and Europe

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Our Services

Merton Home School Tutoring One To One Tutoring

One To One Tutoring
Small Classes

Merton Home School Tutoring Lessons Once A Week

Lessons Once A Week

Merton Home School Tutoring Speaking Listening Reading

Speaking And Listening
Reading And Writing

Merton Home Tutoring Service is for adults who want to learn English.