Meet The Team

Our team are based at our Hub which is Vestry Hall, Mitcham. This is where we run the majority of our classes and our creche. The team work Monday to Friday during office hours. Our teachers and our creche are sessional based and attend according to our classes schedule.

Angela Naughton

Angela coordinates the home tutoring, MHTS and MAL (Merton Adult Learning) classes.

07580 765118

Heidi Shrimpton

Heidi oversees the work of MHTS and drives the organisation forward.

Heidi has a 25-year background in the charity sector working for a range of different sized charities. Heidi was previously at SPEAR Homeless Charity for nearly 8 years where she led the fundraising, communications and volunteering department.

As part of the Senior Management Team, she also contributed to the operational management, leadership and governance of the charity. She has recently completed an MSc in Voluntary Sector Management at Cass Business School.

Candice George and Emma Cale

Candice and Emma support the work of the coordinators by helping with administrative tasks and dealing with queries.

Merton Home Tutoring Service Meet The Team Birthday Candles

Dr. Ruth Dawson, Founder, and helpers, celebrate MHTS’s 6th birthday

Merton Home Tutoring Service Meet The Team AGM

A recent AGM

Merton Home Tutoring Service The Team Mayor Trustee and Learner

The Mayor with a Trustee and a Learner

Merton Home Tutoring Service The Team Mayor 10th Birthday Candles

10th anniversary candles blown out by the Mayor and a helper, AGM 2019

Our Trustees

Our founder is Dr. Ruth Dawson. The chair is Anne Worlledge. There are eight trustees with a wide range of experience in management, tertiary education (including Adult Education, Further Education and university), business, law, accountancy and the voluntary sector. We have a number of volunteer tutors who are also trustees and an ex-learner who previously worked in education in her own country.

The trustees are Rozina Kader, Mary Moody, Cathy Newbury, Pauline Rozario, Daniela Wilks, Ngozi Nwaejike and Robin Goodchild.