English At Home

Our learners are adults and most of them are women whose previous opportunities for education and life experiences differ widely.

A volunteer home tutor will come to a learner’s home once a week for an hour.

Lessons are free.

Learners need to be able to provide a quiet room or space for the lesson.

When a learner or tutor needs to change the time or the day, this should be discussed beforehand and an alternative arrangement made.

Learners should be able to do homework given to them by the tutor.

All tutors will have had a DBS check.

The content of lessons is tailored to each learner’s needs – some people may want to speak to their children’s teachers, some to their doctors, to their neighbours or to get to know people in the local community.

People also need English for shopping, for travelling and to know about local services and customs.

Others may be aiming for a qualification or employment or to meet the Citizenship requirement qualification.

Our aim is to give people the confidence and knowledge to allow them to move onto the next stage.


We hope that after a time, most learners will be able to progress to the small, informal classes we run or to formal classes of English language at college, where they will be able to follow a course, leading to qualifications.

Our aim is to give people the confidence they need to go out into the community.

The total length of time with any home learner varies from 6 months upwards, depending on need.


If you would like to refer someone to us, complete our Referral Form with relevant details about the person you referring. Please include your own contact details, because we may need to contact you.

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